10 Creative Uses for Shredded Paper

shredded paper in a person's hand making the shape of a heart


If you are shredding your junk mail and any other documents with personal information on it, good for you! Shredding these documents is an important step in securing your personal identity. If you own a business, it is even more imperative you are shredding these types of documents to not only keep your business safe, but your clients as well. However, that shredded paper can add up quickly. Make your shredded paper work for you! Here are 10 creative uses for your shredded paper:

  1. Compost Heap

If you are interested in being environmentally friendly, this is a great option for your shredded paper! Just add the shredded paper to your “brown waste.” However, you will want to separate out any glossy paper or cellophane from envelope windows as they aren’t biodegradable.

  1. Make Papier Mache

Add equal parts flour and water to your shredded paper, and you have papier mache! This could be used for some fun family art projects. Some fun things you can make with papier mache include seedling pots, hanging lanterns, bowls, bracelets, Christmas ornaments & more.

  1. Use it as Bedding

Shredded paper makes great bedding for a variety of animals. If you are handy with a sewing machine you can create a dog or cat bed and use the shredded paper as the stuffing. Or if you have chickens and raise fresh eggs, shredded paper makes great bedding for nesting boxes. Rabbits, Guinea pigs, and other similar pets love using shredded paper for nesting as well.

  1. Use as Mulch

While most people don’t think of shredded paper as an option for mulch, it is actually a very economical and eco-friendly alternative. Using shredded paper as mulch as many benefits including reducing weed seed germination and growth, conserving water by slowing surface evaporation, and regulating soil temperature.

  1. Packing for Shipments

If you ship out packages on a regular basis or are prepping for a move, shredded paper makes great packing for your boxes! In order to cut down on the mess for the receiver, you can stuff sandwich bags full of the shredded paper then place in the box.

  1. Donate it

Seems silly to donate shredded paper but many animal shelters will use the shredded paper for bedding. Many art teachers also accept shredded paper so they can use it for various classroom art projects.

  1. Paper Fire Logs

Turn your shredded paper into handy fire logs with just some water, a little effort, and some time. Once they are ready to go, you can enjoy a relaxing evening sitting by the fire.

  1. Stuff a Scarecrow

Keep birds out of your garden and get rid of your shredded paper by making a scarecrow stuffed with paper instead of straw.

  1. Make Your Own Paper

That’s right, shredded paper can be recycled back into paper. This is a fun and simple project. During the process, you can even customize your paper with dyes to give it a unique look.

  1. Shredded Paper Chair

Have a child who loves bean bags? A great alternative is using shredded paper to stuff a homemade fabric bag. You can even contour the chair in certain sections.


As you can see there are many creative uses for shredded paper. If shredding your own documents and dealing with the leftover seems overwhelming, ConfiData is here to help. Drop your documents off to our facility, or arrange a pick-up with our mobile unit and we will handle the rest. Our shredded paper is sent to paper mills in NYS to be recycled into everyday products such as toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues. Learn more about our shredding process here.