Residential Paper Shredding Services for Albany, Syracuse, Utica & Binghamton NY

Have a pile of papers in your home that needs shredding? Unsure of what documents you should be shredding? ConfiData is here to help!

Whether you are moving or doing some spring cleaning, if you have confidential documents you have been holding onto, it is important to properly dispose of them. These days, it is not enough to throw your unwanted documents in the trash. To prevent against identity theft and keep your personal information out of the wrong hands, it is important to properly shred any documents containing names, signatures, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, social security numbers, account numbers, medical or legal information, and more.

Our residential paper shredding services have helped numerous individuals, couples, and families in the Albany, Syracuse, Utica, and Binghamton areas safely dispose of their confidential information including:

  • Financial Documents
  • Tax Returns
  • Medical and Dental Records
  • Legal Documents
  • Employment Records
  • Banks Statements
  • Credit Reports
  • Receipts
  • Hard Drives
  • & More