5 Documents You Should Be Shredding, But Probably Aren’t

pile of junk mail waiting to be shredded


Most businesses these days are very aware of security threats and have policies in place to keep themselves protected. However, even with these policies in place, there are many seemingly-innocent documents that are often forgotten about that can leave your business open to security breaches. Here are 5 documents you should be shredding, but probably aren’t:

  1. Junk mail: While junk mail seems harmless, enough personal data is usually included for identity thieves to use against you. For example, names and addresses are inserted into pre-approved credit card applications. It would be all too easy for a person to send in these applications and use them for their own personal gain.
  2. Photos: Photos of employees, customers, and suppliers may seem harmless, but thieves can use these photos to make up an identity. Combine this with any other personal information they may have collected from your business, and you could be in trouble. Keep your employees and customers safe by shredding these photos instead of tossing them into the garbage.
  3. Hiring information: When people apply for jobs a hard copy of their resume and other documents containing personal information is often left behind. This information would be all too easy for identity thieves to take advantage of. Keep these applications in a locked location and shred when no longer needed.
  4. Shipping Labels: Shipping labels include confidential information such as your business’s address and account numbers. Mail room employees should always remove and securely shred these labels before boxes or packages are broken down and recycled.
  5. Post-it Notes: Post-it notes are a staple in any office. They are easy to grab and jot down information when on a call or collaborating with a coworker. Many times what is written on these notes are passwords, account numbers, and other confidential information. Yet when they are no longer needed they are often just thrown into the trash. Keep yourself protected by shredding these notes instead.

Implementing a sound security policy and training employees on those policies is a great first step to keeping your business safe. Enlisting the help of a reputable document destruction company can help ensure your shredding protocols are up to snuff and that no potentially harmful documents are falling through the cracks. Learn more about how ConfiData can protect your business by contacting us for a free quote and security risk assessment.