7 Creative Ways to Repurpose Shredded Paper During the Holidays

recycled holiday paper

The paper shredded at Confidata’s shredding facilities all gets baled and goes directly to paper mills where it gets recycled into everyday paper products, like toilet paper, tissues, paper towels, etc.

Around the holidays, though, we like to get a little whimsical and imagine what we would do with all the shredded paper if it weren’t already being recycled. In the spirit of the season we’ve collected some of our favorite crafts, life hacks, and ways to repurpose shredded paper.

Upcycle Your Shredding With These Shredded Paper Crafts

  • Create a papier-mâché bowl out of shredded paper. This is fun (if messy) to do with your kids and you can even leave out cookies for Santa in the homemade bowl. Check out this quick video tutorial to learn more!
  • Fill ornaments with shredded paper and use glass markers, felt, and buttons to make Santa Clauses, reindeers, snowmen, or even a Grinch!
  • Fill a vase with shredded paper and some holiday-appropriate flowers and greens.
  • Create confetti poppers for NYE. Learn how to make a homemade confetti popper here.

Repurpose Your Shredding and Save on Holiday Supplies

  • Use shredded paper instead of packing peanuts. Shredded paper is great for cushioning breakable items when you’re shipping and wrapping gifts at the holidays. Plus, repurposing shredded paper as packaging supplies is much better for the environment!
  • Forget tissue paper – use shredded paper in your gift bags! Shredded paper looks festive and fun, saves you money, and also saves paper.
  • Use shredded paper as kindling. There’s nothing like a nice fire to make the holiday season extra cozy. Use your shredded paper as easy kindling for your winter fires.