Destroying Confidential Documents Protects Us All

Confidata mobile paper shredding truck

If you asked most people what Confidata is all about, they’d probably answer “shredding” or “recycling.” That’s certainly accurate, but it’s not really what we’re about. Confidata is about security.

Cyber-security gets the most headlines these days, but we do still see incidents of paper records being breached. In fact, identity theft is thriving, with thieves primarily using paper documents to open fraudulent accounts. Information can also be recovered from computer hard drives, if the thief has access and the knowledge.

In 2015 alone, we have seen:

  • The landlord of a defunct business in Albuquerque dumped several boxes of personnel files in a public dumpster.
  • Employee records from a Pennsylvania YMCA were discarded in a parking lot trash bin.
  • In Texas, tax documents were thrown, unshredded, into a dumpster.
  • A California woman stole social security numbers and birth dates, using them to open several credit and charge accounts.
  • A laptop and two hard drives containing information for more than 28,000 people were stolen from the Indiana State Medical Association’s information Technology Administrator’s car.

By using Confidata’s shredding services for your business or personal documents and computer hard drives, you are protecting yourself and others from both fraud and lawsuits raised by the improper disposal of confidential information.

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