Does Your Shredding Give Back? Make Your Secure Document Destruction Count!

shredded paper in a person's hand making the shape of a heart

Earth Day is a reminder every April to sit back and take stock of how we’re impacting the environment and what we can do to give back.

Because spring is a time of renewal and cleaning out, Earth Day is also the perfect time to make lasting, impactful change by shredding and recycling unnecessary paper and changing our habits to find a way to make less waste or recycle more frequently.

One of the easiest and – in our opinion – best ways to lessen your personal or professional impact on the environment is to recycle and buy recycled products when possible.

Of course, recycling and repurposing materials is good for the environment in obvious ways: the idea that recycled paper products help to save trees, rainforests, and their ecosystems is often used as an example. But there are also second-order effects that may not be quite as obvious, while still being incredibly important and impactful. Many landfills, for example, release greenhouse gasses and harmful chemicals. Recycling helps to reduce this pollution caused by waste.

All of the paper that is shredded and baled at Confidata’s shredding facilities goes to large paper mills where it is repurposed for everyday products like paper towels, toilet paper, and tissues.

When you shred with Confidata, therefore, you are not only securely destroying confidential information and papers, but also making a meaningful difference to the environment.

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