How Secure is Secure Recycling?

shredded paper being baled at Confidata's shredding facility

Show of hands: how many of you rip up credit card offers when they come in the mail? If you didn’t raise your hand because you shred credit card offers, good for you! If you didn’t raise your hand because you just toss them straight into the recycling – you might want to rethink your policy…

Just like seemingly innocuous junk mail can be a threat to your personal identity, a lot of papers floating around your office might be a threat to your client or patient confidentiality.

Right now your office probably has a policy that sends confidential documents to the shredder and non-confidential paper to the recycling bin. But who is deciding what’s confidential and non-confidential, and are you sure that the confidential papers are really getting shredded?

How to Know Your Office Recycling is Secure

The easiest way to make sure your office recycling is secure is to shred everything with a mobile shredding provider like Confidata. With a mobile shredding service, all of your recycling goes into a locked container that we empty on a regular basis and take back to our secure shredding facility where your secure recycling is shredded, baled, and recycled at local paper mills.

The final shred pinpoint at Confidata is 5/8″ wide, a standard that meets or exceeds legal and corporate best practices. We pride ourselves on giving you confidence that your confidential data is destroyed, and that starts with shredding on state-of-the-art equipment.

After the shredded paper is baled at our shredding facility, the materials are shipped to large paper mills, and the majority of the paper stays in New York state. Your secure shredding will then be reused and recycled to make everyday products like toilet paper, paper towels, and tissues.

Of course, data confidentiality really starts with you, your employees, and a good data security plan. You can learn more about how to design an information safeguards program on our blog.

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