Benefits of Mobile Shredding Services

ConfiData's mobile shred truck

Mobile Shred Trucks Offer Security & Convenience

Mobile shredding is a popular option for residents and businesses alike. Mobile shredding companies have the experience and proper equipment to dispose of documents in a neat, legal, efficient, and cost-effective manner. Here are three reasons people opt to schedule a mobile shred truck for their shredding needs:

Convenient Professional Shredding

Mobile shredding offers convenience in that a professional shredder comes to your business or residence and does all the heavy lifting for you. This means you never have to lift, stack, and transport heavy boxes full of paper to be shred. Since mobile shred trucks are only a phone call away, they can come to you as often as needed. This allows for a truly flexible shredding program.

Optimal Security with Pierce and Tear Shredding

One of the benefits with using a mobile shred truck is the ability to watch the shredding process. Watching adds an additional layer of security that is only available with mobile shredding services. In addition to having eyeballs on the entire shredding process, mobile shred trucks utilize one of the most secure methods for shredding paper called pierce and tear shredding.

Pierce and tear shredding utilized several rotating blades with alternately rotating shafts that both pierce the paper and tear it apart (hence the name). This method creates very small, roughly shaped shredded paper rather than the long strips that could potentially be put back together.

Economical for Large Shredding Jobs

When compared to drop off shredding, mobile shredding is more cost-effective once you have 100 lbs of paper or more. The reason for this is that drop off shredding charges you per pound. However, mobile shredding is typically one flat free, making it ideal for larger volume shred jobs.

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